A pragmatic training for real life situations

After extensive research, we realized that there is no German grammar publication available, inside or outside of Germany, which enables learners of German as a second language to study at their own pace without enormous difficulties. It is just as difficult to find a comprehensive grammar text-book with correspondingly detailed exercises.
So we wanted to create a way that gives learners of German as a second language and native Germans easy access to German grammar. GERMAN-GRAMMAR has been developed and tested extensively by the authors and is based on long term experience in language schools.

Concise and clearly structured: The main advantages of our grammar

This grammar is bilingual: Each German section is not only translated into the learner‘s native language, the differences and similarities with his and her own language are explained. This is reinforced by the book of exercises.

The bilingual comparison grammar is holistic: It starts with the sounds and letters and explains (and practises) every aspect of German grammar and its logical (and well-tried) sequences.

The main target group for this grammar are people learning German as a second language after they have reached A2 or B1, want to prepare for their B2-exams and to reference German grammar rules and sequences with those of their native language. Therefore, we use short, simple sentences, and every new term is precisely explained and clarified by examples.

This first bilingual grammar also offers a workbook with over 220 DIN-A4-pages which can be downloaded. All the words in the exercises are taken from the B1-vocabulary. The instructions are bilingual and easy to understand. Every exercise begins with one or more examples which are also translated into the native language. German grammar is compared with the native language and differences are clearly indicated.

Who can benefit from GERMAN-GRAMMAR?


Pupils and students from abroad, who are thus given the opportunity to prepare for their B2-exams, to understand the complexity and extent of German grammar, to get to understand it in their own language, to practise it repeatedly and finally use it with confidence and ease.


Lecturers of German as a foreign language and all German teachers who are searching for a simple and incisive grammar with explanations and exercises to simultaneously simplify, practise and intensify their German lessons.


German departments in any universities where German is not the native language, German schools, Goethe-Institutes and private language schools in non-German speaking countries, adult education centres or adult evening classes in Germany, the IB (Internationaler Bund), Caritas and Integra language schools – to name but a few.


Pupils, students, (or any interested parties) can use this material to understand, practise, correctly use or polish off the often difficult German grammar. You can also use it to help your children with their German homework.

GERMAN-GRAMMAR is practical and easy to work with.

This new grammar also offers a new approach: GERMAN-GRAMMAR is published as an e-book. This gives you the opportunity to extend and update the material with new pages. This means that you can easily order the contents by topic or theme, which is particularly useful in the workbook part. Because German is a living language, a future-oriented grammar must also be flexible.

Every edition contains the explanation part with the complete German grammar, from phonemes to phonetics and punctuation. In addition, a workbook with over 220 DIN-A4-pages can be downloaded. This download will be extended with even more exercises before the end of the year. You can see examples of grammar and corresponding exercises pages by downloading the preview pages.