German Grammar

in German and in your own tongue, easy to understand
as E-Book best suited for tablet or smartphone
with more than 250 printable exercises for each section the best preparation for your final exams of B1, B2 and C

German-Grammar is the bilingual German grammar with a textbook in combination with an exercise book, both as e-books. All grammatical expressions, rules and constructions are explained in German and in your tongue, easy to understand. To consolidate acquired skills, our German-Grammar offers extensive exercises for each section in the exercise book, comprising more than 250 printable pages - the ideal preparation for B1, B2, and C.

German-Grammar is the one and only bilingual e-textbook of German grammar, easy to understand and practised on more than 250 pages, was developed and tested over several years by an international team of experienced lecturers of German as a foreign language. German-Grammar is a reference book for foreign and German readers where every single grammatical expression can be found straight off and is explained in German and your own tongue in an easy-understandable manner.

Even more important: German-Grammar offers a grammar-course in small and easy steps, and in the end you will be so good in grammar that you will be able to keep up with German students of any type of German school.

The Authors

Werner Sürgers, born in 1942, forty years of schoolteaching, six years at the German foreign school of Salonica, Greece, fifty years engaged in teaching activities at an Adult Education Centre and a language school

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The Books

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